anna Furniture&Design specializes in high-end, custom-made furniture for architects and interior designers, as well as commercial and individual clients.

anna Furniture&Design offers clients custom-made furniture, managing every detail from design and fabric choice right through to production.

Based in Tel Aviv, anna Furniture&Design is 100% handcrafted in Israel.

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Anna Amiel was born into a family rich with textile tradition. Her designs show the clear influence of the antique furniture and richly woven textiles of her childhood home. Anna’s critical eye for design and quality is a result of years of studying at a variety of renowned art & design schools including; Studio Bercot School of Fashion in Paris and Nathalia Nesterova Art Academy in Moscow, as well as years of design experience in Paris, Moscow, Washington DC and Tel Aviv.

Frequenting Europe’s popular home design fairs and trade shows, Anna finds the latest trends for perfect texture and taste in all furnishing materials.

Native speaker in French and Swedish, fluent in Hebrew and English.


My passion is to bring to life the timeless beauty of mid-century style with contemporary textiles. My ability to combine the finest materials with outstanding artisanship has become the cornerstone of my design statement.

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When I first visit your home, I like to start with the sofas, armchairs, and side tables. They form the central ensemble around which you can adapt libraries, paintings, carpets, and other decorative accents.


Textiles are the essence in any interior. I believe choosing the right fabric is an art. My textile collection comprises natural cottons, linen & silk, quality-woven to provide a soft touch, appearance and comfort.
Among the hundreds of textile designs, I enjoy guiding through choosing the right color, textures that will perfectly match the furniture piece.


The quality and origin of the wood chosen for your piece of furniture are essential for its look and its longevity. I love to work with unique woods such as rosewood, teak, oak, and cedar. Quality means the wood itself and its ergonometric seating design… thongs and straps, mousse filling and feathers, choice paints and lacquers, the assembly process and more…


Working with the right craftspeople is essential. I work in close collaboration with experienced upholsterers overseeing every step of the production process. This guarantees precision, delivering what you expect and more.I value my staff, their talent and dedication allow me to create the products for which I am proud, and homes in which I would want to live.


If you cherish the furniture you own, I love the opportunity to renovate pieces by thorough refurbishing to give them new life with contemporary fabrics and design.


It is my pleasure to create, design, and conceive private or commercial projects, large or small.

Meetings and decisions happen in my studio with no need to run around. We take care of all manufacturing, assembly, logistics, and transportation.

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